A downloadable Game engine for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Kaboom is a Javascript game programming library that helps you make games fast and fun. Make your own game for the web NOW!

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Easy and customizable

Kaboom is easy to understand, but at the same time very powerful when we want to expand things. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran game maker, you can easily adapt to Kaboom. It has built-in functions for creating players, enemies, platforms, maps, and more! Or you can do it from scratch, if you prefer, it's up to you!

Your own indie game

You can create from simple mini-games to great indie masterpieces, it can be a shooter, a platformer, an rpg, a visual novel! Whatever, here's a list of great games made with Kaboom:

- Gush > A dungeon brawler game by aMoniker
Highrise Hop > Climb an endless skyscraper! by PolyMarsDev


Kaboom is great and fancy thanks to the component system, all Game Objects use components!

And the better? You can create your own components and make Kaboom more POWERFUL. More info about custom components here, don't forget share your cool components with the Community

All Features

- Code with Kaboom is fast, make your game in hours
- A lot of fun demos with full code
- Fully documentation for all Kaboom functions
- No payments, open source. Your creativite makes the difference
- Classic ASCII TileMaps
- Easy arcade physics
- Aseprite integration


- Kaboom Documentation
- Discord Community
See Kaboom games on Itch.io
- Platform Game Full Course with Kaboom 
- How to do a KABOOM on a trampoline

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